It's compromise that moves us along.
Amanda Hope. 21. Born and raised: Miami. Who am I? Great question! I'm still trying to figure that out; but for now:

sarcastic humor wins me over, coffee lover
college student: advertising and film
window shopper...for vacations mostly
forever indecisive (minor and major life choices)
film fanatic (and hopefully one day I can contribute to them)
anything mint chocolate, immersing myself in anything unknown.
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At least I have one lil’ souvenir from Labor Day weekend. My take on the Eiffel Tower 🇫🇷 and it somehow looks a bit Russian.
Happy birthday to my fellow Virgo sista’ ❤️ Epcot awaits us! 🍹
Anonymous: Lol colleges suck.. All they want is your money -.- you kill yourself to get into and pay for these classes and then they charge you $300 per book and sh*t.. It's so unmotivating, and that's not even a word -.-

Tell me about it! And not to mention a few people I know who are somehow making a larger salary than I could ever imagine in my future, all without a degree…but I guess a degree is a safety net to fall back on when applying for a job. Cheers to the safe and boring life.

Oh school, how I loathe thee.

Tomorrow is the last day of the school week and I have yet to have an offical schedule this semester. I missed the bus to my Wednesday class, so with reason, I was instantly dropped. I picked up a last minute class scheduled on Fridays but I can’t attend the first meeting tomorrow because of the short notice at work. If I get dropped yet again, I am truly fucked. 

I just wish there was a waitlist for classes because I’m constantly refreshing my account to see if any of my mandatory classes open up, and nothing. With my luck, they’ve probably opened up numerous times while I was logged off. 

I know I’m just complaining about minuscule issues but it’s probably due to the fact that I’m overworked and cranky. Just hoping that this semester goes smoothly and I’m not stuck with bullshit classes just to fill up my schedule. 

Also, I know maybe one or two people will read this and continue scrolling down but if there’s anyone out there with these kind of troubles at the moment, feel free to vent with me! Make me feel like it’s not entirely my fault that this has happened and I will do the same for you.

*gets a sugar daddy just to pay for textbooks*

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