It's compromise that moves us along.
Amanda Hope. 21. Born and raised: Miami. Who am I? Great question! I'm still trying to figure that out; but for now:

sarcastic humor wins me over, coffee lover
college student: advertising and film
window shopper...for vacations mostly
forever indecisive (minor and major life choices)
film fanatic (and hopefully one day I can contribute to them)
anything mint chocolate, immersing myself in anything unknown.
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Screw stomach pains. Every time they decide to pay me a visit I ask myself why I haven’t gone to the doctor. With no legitimate reason other than pure laziness, I guess I do deserve the feeling of a knife twisting down my chest.

Okay okay, a bit morbid but I’m cranky.

This is actually an extremely pathetic post. I promise to have some new, entertaining and somewhat pleasant material later during the week.